Fire & Water Restoration Services in Napa, CA

24/7 Emergency Restoration Services in Napa

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Water Damage Restoration in Napa

Lawton Construction & Restoration, LLC offers a wide variety of water damage restoration services including water damage removal, cleanup, and repair.

Fire Damage Restoration in Napa

Lawton Construction & Restoration understands how experiencing a fire can be a devastating experience for any property owner to have to go through.

Mold Removal in

Hire us to restore and maintain healthy indoor environments. We are certified, licensed, and experts in the safe removal of indoor contaminates and hazards.

24/7 Restoration Services in Napa, CA

Lawton Construction & Restoration, LLC is your comprehensive restoration partner, delivering round-the-clock emergency assistance to Napa, CA and its neighboring regions. Our mission is to swiftly respond to disasters, mitigating losses and safeguarding your property. Beyond immediate assistance, we specialize in the complete cleanup, repair, and restoration of residential and commercial spaces affected by fire, flood, storms, and various forms of property damage.

24 Hour Emergency Response in Napa

About Napa, CA

Napa, located in the heart of California’s renowned wine country, is a picturesque city known for its world-class vineyards, wineries, and lush landscapes. Nestled in the Napa Valley, the region is synonymous with the art of winemaking, attracting connoisseurs and enthusiasts from around the globe. The city itself exudes a charming blend of historic architecture, boutique shops, and upscale restaurants, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

The Napa Valley is home to a myriad of vineyards producing a diverse array of wines, from Cabernet Sauvignon to Chardonnay. Wine enthusiasts can embark on scenic vineyard tours, wine tastings, and culinary experiences that showcase the region’s commitment to gastronomy. The Napa Valley Wine Train offers a unique way to explore the area, combining exquisite cuisine with breathtaking views of the vineyards and countryside.

Beyond its vinicultural allure, Napa boasts hot air balloon rides, spa retreats, and a vibrant arts scene. The Napa River, meandering through the city, adds to the picturesque setting, and the Oxbow Public Market showcases local produce and artisanal goods. Napa stands as a quintessential destination for those seeking a sophisticated blend of culinary delights, oenophile experiences, and the natural beauty of California’s wine country.


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