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A professional disinfector in overalls processes the walls from mold with a spatula. Removal of black fungus in the apartment and house. Aspergillus.

Mold Testing & Inspection 

In order to provide Sacramento with the most complete and accurate checks for mold in your house, we call in a partnering building hygienist with the proper qualifications, equipment, and mold expertise to affordably and accurately sample your property for various types of mold contaminants. According to OSHA, checks for mold in your house, commercial property, or industrial park should be conducted by professionals with specific experience in designing mold sampling protocols, sampling methods for microbial contaminants, and interpretation of results. As a complete construction and restoration company in Sacramento, we are out of our wheelhouse with mold inspection, which is why we find a proper mold inspection company before we swing a single hammer. This allows us to provide more accurate remediation methods at a better price.

Commercial and Residential Mold Inspections in Sacramento

When you call Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. for mold testing services, we partner with a highly trained mold inspection company that fields specialized equipment and can accurately interpret the results of any testing done. This allows us to avoid conflict of interest in our remediation service, and give you increased peace of mind that any mold problem you’re dealing with is properly taken care of, regardless of where you are in Sacramento. Because of our transparency in our residential mold inspections, we’ve earned the trust of dozens of property owners throughout Sacramento as a mold testing service that is honest, affordable, and effective.

Sacramento’s Industrial Mold Testing

For our clients located in industrial parks, we facilitate top to bottom industrial mold testing throughout Sacramento. Our specialized mold inspection company partners will come out and test every problem area and take the results back to a lab specifically designed to identify various types of mold. This process allows us to provide more comprehensive service and gives you complete transparency through qualified industrial mold testing. When you want Sacramento’s trusted commercial black mold testing, or other mold testing service, call Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. today!

Comprehensive Mold and Mildew Inspection Services

Our mold and mildew inspection services have earned a positive reputation throughout Sacramento as being accurate, reliable, and affordable. By partnering with specialized mold testing companies, we can use FLIR infrared camera technology for advanced, non-invasive commercial black mold testing and mold and mildew inspection service. Then, once the lab results are in, and we identify exactly what strain of mold, and where it’s concentrated, we collaborate with you to design a customized remediation plan that saves everyone time, money, and the hassles generally associated with mold testing services in the Sacramento area.


Call Today for Restoration and Construction in Sacramento, CA

If your residential, commercial, or industrial building has been damaged by a natural disaster, you can rest easy knowing that Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. has you covered in Sacramento, CA. From water and flood damage to fire and smoke cleanup, we have trained construction and reconstruction crews ready to tackle your needs around the clock. We can even provide third party mold, lead, and asbestos testing, and help you with the removal process. We are just a phone call away, so don’t hesitate!