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Decontamination of a room after an incident. Practical exercises during a training session on asbestos risk prevention, sample preparation room of an environmental laboratory specialized in the analysis of asbestos fibers

Asbestos Testing & Inspection 

Founded in 1976, Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. has been serving the greater Sacramento community residential, commercial, and industrial buildings as a premier asbestos testing company. Exposure to asbestos can cause several cancers or diseases, such as mesothelioma and asbestosis, making it vital you take care of the problem right away. When you need taking care of your Sacramento property, look no further than Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. to be able to take care of all asbestos inspection needs.

Sacramento Home Asbestos Inspection & Repair

When it comes to being able to take care of your residential home, Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. is fully capable of taking care of all your home asbestos inspection and asbestos remediation needs. As a member of DKI, we are licensed professionals who are fully capable of performing a thorough home asbestos remediation job, allowing you to feel safe in your home again. Interested in hiring a top of the line asbestos testing company? Then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call on our expert technicians.

Office Asbestos Testing & Inspection in Sacramento

As well as performing home asbestos inspections for residential homes, we are always proud to be able to lend a helping hand to fellow commercial businesses with any commercial asbestos testing and inspection needs. When it comes to being able to help protect you and your coworkers from the serious issues asbestos brings to your office building, it is vital you take care of the problem quickly. When you call on Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. for office asbestos testing services today, we will be proud to be able to take care of the problem for you.

Sacramento Crew Offers Industrial Asbestos Testing & Inspection

As well as being able to provide office asbestos testing services for commercial buildings, Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. is proud to be able to provide our professional services for any industrial buildings in need of a professional asbestos testing company. Just like residential and commercial buildings, it is extremely important to keep an eye out for asbestos, as it carries serious health issues, including but not limited to cancer and even death, for you and your coworkers. We can offer you a free estimate, so call today.


Call Today for Restoration and Construction in Sacramento, CA

If your residential, commercial, or industrial building has been damaged by a natural disaster, you can rest easy knowing that Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. has you covered in Sacramento, CA. From water and flood damage to fire and smoke cleanup, we have trained construction and reconstruction crews ready to tackle your needs around the clock. We can even provide third party mold, lead, and asbestos testing, and help you with the removal process. We are just a phone call away, so don’t hesitate!