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Flood Damage Restoration, Repair & Cleanup Services in Woodland, CA

The need for fire and flood damage remediation can arise from having your Woodland industrial, commercial, or residential residence struck by a strong storm, or suffer from a significant plumbing or appliance malfunction. When you’re confronted with a need for fire and flood restoration for your home, commercial, and industrial properties, call on Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc.’s technicians, who have been providing fire and flood restoration since 1976 in Woodland.

Trusted Residential Flood Damage Repair in Woodland

Whether you’re tasked with managing a property or are taking care of your own a home property in Woodland, you will want to have quick access to a company like Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. because of our ability to provide flood damage restoration, repair, and cleanup services. Our residential flood damage repair services are handled carefully, ensure you don’t have to deal with your insurance company, and avoid additional costly maintenance and demolition, when possible. Call to schedule one of our professionals for your flood damage restoration needs today for remediation after the flood.

Efficient Commercial Flood Damage Restoration in Woodland

When a business in Woodland comes to need commercial flood damage restoration services, they want to make sure the problem gets dealt with fast. They also want to ensure any flood damage doesn’t cause issues with your building’s structure. Wanting to avoid and eliminate any mold growth caused by excessive water present is the correct reaction; we want commercial property owners to keep their peace of mind when their building sustains flood damage to their carpet.

Industrial Property Flood Damage Remediation in Woodland

After a substantial storm, or a major plumbing or appliance malfunction, a commercial property may need to repair their water damaged wood flooring and other flood damage remediation services. When this happens to your Woodland industrial property, you will need to call Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. to take care of the task at hand. Our well equipped, thoroughly trained, and highly experienced technicians can handle all forms of flood remediation tasks including but never limited to repairs to damaged wood surfaces.


Call Today for Restoration and Construction in Woodland, CA

If your residential, commercial, or industrial building has been damaged by a natural disaster, you can rest easy knowing that Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. has you covered in Woodland, CA. From water and flood damage to fire and smoke cleanup, we have trained construction and reconstruction crews ready to tackle your needs around the clock. We can even provide third party mold, lead, and asbestos testing, and help you with the removal process. We are just a phone call away, so don’t hesitate!